Putting face-on (otherwise known as side-saddle putting or straight-forward putting) can be a little awkward when trying it for the first time, especially if you’re used to the traditional stance. Here’s a basic primer for face-on putting if you’re right-handed:

  1. Stand facing the hole or your intended line.
  2. The ball should be a few inches outside and in front of the little toe on your right foot.
  3. Anchor the putter grip just inside the right shoulder with your left hand.
  4. Bending forward, place your right hand on the shaft about halfway down. (A lot of long putters have a second grip in that area for this reason).
  5. The shaft should be at a 90-degree angle to the ground.
  6. Stroke the ball using your right hand, holding the top of the club against your body with the left.
  7. Look for a golf putter model that has a beveled toe sole of about 10 degrees. This will help with your setup options for an upright lie angle.

Face-On/Side-Saddle/Straight-Forward Putting