The Presidential Putter

The Presidential Putter

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The ultimate putting alignment aid for helping golfers using the face-on stroke and overcome the yips with patriotic flare.


The Presidential Putter allows you to view the line of the putt straight on with “Binocular Vision” instead of playing from memory. As you look down at the opaque acrylic all you see are the putting alignment aids. These heads come in red, white, and blue color options that provide a patriotic aesthetic and contrast, which are designed to eliminate typical putter head distractions and provide enhanced focus.

This mallet head carries most of its weight evenly and is surprisingly light compared to most putters of this nature on the market. The wing-like flanges coming back from the club face provide redistribution of weight and are accented by the gold arrows and large Presidential seal dotted crown. 

Our clubs are designed to make your putt shots more consistent and forgiving by providing more size to hit with along with various alignment aids that help you straighten your putts.

The deep design of our putter’s head provides a lower and deeper center of gravity as well as increasing the Moment of Inertia (MOI), which reduces spins and improves performance on off-center putts. These putters are well suited to face-on putting strokes (otherwise known as side-saddle putting or straight-forward putting).

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 12 × 12 in

Blue, Red, White

Shaft Size

Extra Large (48"), Large (46"), Medium (44"), Small (42")

Putter Specs

  • Putter Style: Side-Saddle (Face-On, Straight-Forward) Putter
  • Head Design: Mallet
  • Loft: 10 Degrees
  • LH or RH: Left Hand & Right Hand
  • Head Weight: 14 ounces | 0.875 pounds
  • Lie: Standard
  • Offset: N/A
  • Toe Hang: 0 Degrees
  • Balance Weight: N/A

How to Putt Side Saddle

How to stand for side-saddle putting

A golf professional demonstrating how to putt side-saddle, which is also known as front-on or straight-forward putting.

Demonstration of the side-saddle putting stroke

A golf professional demonstrating how to putt side-saddle, which is also known as front-on or straight-forward putting.

Click here to watch a full side-saddle putting instructional video

1 review for The Presidential Putter

  1. Arisa Sato

    This putter is amazing! I thought the side-saddle putting style looked strange, but it actually improves my game and lowers my stroke. It’s so easy to learn, I don’t know why more professionals aren’t using it.

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